Other payment

If you are unable to pay through our main options

We also have popular options such as Paypal , Payoneer and stripe by manual payment when you are making Payment or direct message

For direct message please follow this steps.

1. Select the item you want to buy.
2. Tell me by direct message the item you want to buy, such as the item's picture, name or code.
3. Then inform the channel that you want to pay Paypal , Payoneer or Stripe4. Then I will send you my payment email.
5. After receiving the payment, I will ship it to you.
6. You receive the product.


For customers who purchase through my main website , single buy or total amount more than 100 dollars, will receive absolutely 1 random free item worth more than 10 dollars. for less than $100 will be given randomly.

And every box will receive candy or snacks that can only be found in Thailand ,For free.

Pay less

I know what to do to make you pay as little as possible after the order, I'll declare price show on the box under 40 dollars.

100% Authentics

For every item that show in my shop is original authentic.
I always check before listing to make sure there are no fakes.
Buying from our store is sure to be exactly what you are looking for.



After you buy and receive the item, you have a chance to win our event.

Check event on instagram